A Guide to Finding the Best Paintball Gun Available

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Paintball is a worthwhile activity to spend with friends. Not only is it fun way to hang out with people you’re competitive with, but it’s also a good form of exercise. While it’s indeed a fun-filled activity that can be done indoors or outdoors, there are a number of things to consider with the sport. One of these is the kind of paintball gun that will be used.
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Paintball guns, otherwise known as paintball markers, are used to mark an opponent with paint through the game of paintball. These guns were first used by farmers and forest groups to give markings on cattle and trees. Origins of such guns goes back as far 1981. The first type of gun was created by James C. Hal, which was purposely carried out in the forest industry. In 1985, the first gun was finally made for paintball gaming, which was invented by Robert Shepard.Best paintball gun

Paintball guns seek to push paintballs out at a high speed. Compressed gas is used to shoot out paintballs. The required velocity to get the ball out of the barrel is 100 meters per second (or 300 feet per second). Compressed gases are typically partnered with a paintball gun where they’re stored in special containers for game play.

In order to begin your quest for finding the best paintball gun, it would be helpful to understand the concept of how a paintball gun functions. A basic marker works by pushing the paintball out via a bolt by means of an airflow, which can be observed in the main part of the weapon. When the gun is fired, a mechanism forces another paintball insertion in the chamber though a pump process or an automated process.

Gun Types

There are several kinds of paintball guns available in the market: pumps, semi-automatic, electronic, pistols, and stock. Out of all these, the pumps are considered to be the most affordable and functions similarly to that of a shotgun. While they’re deemed accurate, you’ll have to pump the gun manually to get the next paintball into the chamber. Depending on your game, this process could take up a lot of time in a second.

A highly popular kind of paintball gun are the semi-automatics. Like a regular gun, paintballs shoot out of the market quickly as you pull the trigger. These guns come bundled with sensitive triggers so rapid firing is never an issue.

A majority of those who possess a backup marker, typically a pistol, can easily work with 12-gram CO2 cartridges. You usually receive around 10 shots prior to any cartridge change, which makes them ideal as backup markers.

If you happen to have money lying around and you don’t intend to use it for normal game play, then the electronic versions are the ones to go for.. These gun types can shoot several paintballs at a time at every trigger press.

The last kind is the stock gun. They have a downside since they only utilize CO2 cartridges that deliver 10 shots at a time. They’re not effective as the others since you’ll likely get more hits before you even make one.

Electronic or Mechanical Guns

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when going for the best paintball gun would be the kind of model you’ll be purchasing. In this instance, you’ll need to pick between an electronic and a mechanical version. While both types can shoot paintballs, each does it in a different manner. This factor alone is what sets them apart from each other.

In the case of a mechanical paintball gun; it’s proven to be reliable and it’s one good reason why it’s preferred option by paintball enthusiasts. Despite its small size and loudness, it’s chosen for its minimal upkeep and requires no electricity. A small gun oil and cleaning cloth is all it takes for cleaning. If replacement parts are needed, you won’t have to spend a lot since they’re sold cheap.

In the case of an electronic paintball gun, they basically operate via batteries and circuit boards. One issue with this weapon is that it entails consistent maintenance to keep it functioning properly. If there’s a need for repair (which happens often), you’ll need to bring it to a professional shop to be looked into by an expert.

For Game Play

If you’re seeking for a paintball gun for a game in the woods or an outdoor setting, then it’s ideal to go for pumps. They come in small and large sizes. They can be effective in hitting targets accurately but a good strategy is required to win against any opponent.

If your intention is to play speedball, experts would typically recommend a smaller gun. Ensure that the weapon is portable and can easily be attached to your body. But in the case of speedball, a game that would last an average of 10 minutes, there are varying obstacles you’ll have to deal with while on the field. As such, it’s important to stick to a gun that lets you move around swiftly, which is a smaller weapon is a better option.

Gun Breakdown

If happen to have played paintball, you’ll likely aware that it’s an intense game. As a result, expect your paintball gun to break at some point. When picking the best option available, it’s important to make a consideration as to what while happen if a weapon suddenly fails. Opt for a gun that’s cost-effective and simple to fix, and ensure the parts are readily available. Otherwise, repair costs will put you within the same price range of a new paintball gun.

It’s essential to keep your gun maintained at all times. Mechanical paintball guns can easily be maintained without help while those that operate electronically will require the help of a professional. If you’re opting for a mechanical gun, ensure you’re knowledgeable enough to repair and maintain it on your own. Also, see to it that you have the budget to cover for expenses made by a professional repairman — if you end up choosing an electronic paintball gun.

Knowing the Tank

The tank is one of the many critical parts of a paintball since it’s the one responsible for housing the gas. The gas within the tank can either be from normal air or carbon dioxide. If you intend to utilize a gun that houses carbon dioxide, the tank needs to be made of steel material. If the tank happens to house pressurized air, it should have a carbon fiber make.

When looking into the kind of tank you’ll be buying, ensure it’s capable of holding the amount of gas you’ll be using during game play. Furthermore, think of the maximum pressure it can hold. The make of the tank will depend on the kind of gas you’ll be holding.

Brand Name

Like purchasing any other product, you’ll have to consider the name of the brand to ensure you get the best paintball gun. With a plethora of brands available, not all of them are proven effective. You’ll have to do a bit of research when it comes down to knowing the reputation and general feedback for each brand. Don’t easily get carried away with fancy advertisements since there are other brands that showcase great products without the media flare.


Avoid going for a paintball gun that’s meant to be disposed or one that needs frequent replacement. Browse through reviews on the best gun available and consider what other users are saying in terms of its longevity. Ensure you purchase one that can last for a number of years while keeping up with your gaming skills. A durable gun will save you money in the long run and curb any headaches that come poor quality paintball guns.

Body Design

The paintball gun design will be a significant factor that will influence your purchase. For example, while frequently ignored, there consumers who puts emphasis on how their gun looks. Weight is also important as this will have an effect on your gaming skills on the field. At the same, it should be simple enough and convenient for use to help you take down targets. Keep in mind that the best guns aren’t just about body design, but also for its all-around functionality.


Your current budget is something that needs to be seriously considered. This doesn’t mean you should go for the most expensive model available. On the flip side, it won’t mean going for the cheapest option either just so you can save big. Seek for an ideal fit between quality and pricing. Most of the time, you’ll have to spend a little bit more to assured of better quality.

Not only do you have to be conscious of the price of a paintball gun when it’s purchased. You’ll need to think about how much you’ll spending for upkeep and repairs over the years. For your to save up big, it’s advisable to go for a gun that doesn’t entail a lot of maintenance and has parts that can be bought affordably.


It’s important to seek opinion from other people. One approach is to read reviews of paintball guns, which can be largely seen over the internet. Through shared experiences form fellow gun users, you’ll be able to sort advantages and disadvantages of every brand/model currently available.

If you happen to be the kind doesn’t trust in opinion from strangers, you can always make inquiries from people you already know. This reassures you of honest reviews and not something that may be part of a marketing ploy from a certain manufacturer. At the same time, you’ll get a good idea as to how they feel of the guns they’re using and which ones they’ll recommend you.

New or Used?

If you have the money and you want to be reassured of functionality and quality, then it’s advisable to opt for a new model. While they appear to be pricey, you’ll be confident of top notch quality since it hasn’t been utilized by anyone before you. At the same time, the product will have a warranty on any manufacturing defects that may surface later.

But on the flip side, if your budget is very limited, you could consider used models since they typically cheaper. The downside though is that you won’t be ever sure of quality. If you intend to purchase a second-hand gun, it’s recommended to purchase from a trusted supplier or someone you personally know.

Source of Purchase

There are a number of shops and other specialty stores that sell quality paintball guns. A majority of them can be seen in malls as standalone vendors or in other areas. By purchasing from a shop, you’ll get the chance to inspect the gun firsthand regarding its parts and condition. You’ll also have the opportunity to inquire from the seller on any relevant details you may have about paintball guns.

If you don’t have the time in getting from one store to another, the best approach is to make a purchase over the internet. There are numerous online paintball shops offering new and second hand paintball guns. An issue with this option, however, is that you’re never sure of the quality you’ll be getting since you won’t get to physically inspect the product. To be assured, purchase from sellers with solid ratings and a good reputation.

Playing Ability

A crucial factor to consider with a paintball gun is your ability in playing the sport. Its’ essential to assess yourself when it comes to game play since this is tied to your gun of choice. If you’re utilizing a gun that doesn’t mesh with your skillset, you won’t be able to properly maneuver and use it to your strategic advantage.

For Newbies

If you’re just starting out with paintball guns, it’s logical to go for guns that are made for beginners. These guns are usually lightweight and smaller in size. They possess basic features and requires little keep from your end.

But if you’re a frequent player, bigger and heavier guns are ideal. There won’t be any problems even if the gun requires maintenance since it’s assumed you already have the knowledge in troubleshooting and dealing with paintball gun issues, given your paintball experience. Guns for experienced players are priced higher since they know they’ll be purchasing quality paintball guns on the field.


Paintball guns have varying warranty periods. This will entirely depend on the gun manufacturer on the chosen model. While it may be costly, it’s advisable to settle for one with an extended warranty on both services and parts. This gives you the assurance that the manufacturer or seller will offer you support in case a problem is encountered or a repair is needed.

The Best Paintball Gun Reviews

Paintball is a fun game that you can have with friends, family, or even colleagues from work. It’s a nice way to bond and you get to benefit from its physical activity. If you’re seeking for the best paintball gun to help you win against opponents, here are the best paintball guns you can find this year:

Tippman A-5 .68 Caliber Aluminum

This is considered to be one of the most popular paintball guns around. It’s entirely made from aluminum, which is lightweight, easy to upgrade, simple to customize, and backed with a two-year warranty. This product is packed with a cyclone-speed system capable of firing 15 balls in a single second in the absence of batteries.

It features a two-position switch that lets a user toggle between safe mode and fight mode; and an extended front grip for an easy hold. The A-5 is simple enough to maintain and can be taken apart in less than a minute without tools. The customization aspect of this marker makes this paintball gun an ideal toy for novice and experienced users.

Tippman X7 Phenom

This paintball gun has a military design which can be easily customized. It’s known for being a dependable weapon for game play. Like other products under the Tippman brand, the X7 is extremely tough and long lasting. One slight downside to this marker is that its barrel can’t be configured or customized.

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun
Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Tippman U.S. Army Project Salvo

This military-influenced paintball gun comes with a reliable inline bolt system, an aluminum-based receiver, and has rigorously been tested for durability and performance. The gun has an appearance of an AR-15 and features a 6-position and foldable stock; and a dual-purpose magazine that can converted into a tool holder. The gun performs really well and is reasonably priced making it an ideal choice for novice users or for those who haven’t played with paintballs in a long while.

Etek4 Planet Eclipse 4 LT/AM

This quality marker has a wide range of colors and design. Its frame features composite parts that are reinforced and impact-resistant. The remaining parts are crafted from high grade alloy which makes the Planet Eclipse more lightweight than other paintball guns in the market. It’s easy to operate, offers quality precision, and is simple to maintain. It comes with additional replacement parts, so if anything goes wrong, you can replace or fix it easily.

Empire Axe

This top of the line paintball gun is specifically made for experienced users. It has a bolt-removal system that can be activated with a push of a button and an Empire relay regulator with a power switch for easy tank removal.. Its front grip allows for an easy hold, allowing for shooting precision, and several firing options that efficiently make use of your paintballs. The marker is also very easy to maintain

The Axe has a lightweight body with a barrel made from aluminum. While it’s priced higher compared to other brands/models, it’s worth the price tag. It’s excellent functionality, durability, and maintenance makes this a highly recommended paintball gun for intermediate players

Choosing the Best Paintball Gun

Seeking the ideal paintball gun for your own experience could take time. You’ll have to be patient in studying the features in every gun you come across. If you do enough digging, you’ll certainly end up with a good gun that can offer a lot of benefits whenever you’re competing in the field. An ideal paintball gun should be something that will last you for years while capable of upgrades for style changes you may have in the future.

It helps to browse through reviews of every paintball gun maker or gun you come across, so you can have a clue as to what each can bring to the table. Never be afraid of renting a paintball gun from the field you’re playing in as this will give you a feel for what’s right and wrong for you. If you’ve handled a particular gun before, you’ll likely be comfortable handling it. Any marker that makes you feel at ease can be a difference maker in your skills.

There are a lot of paintball gun manufacturers in the field that provide quality made guns with extra features worth noting. The best approach you can ever do is to give each gun a try so you can narrow down your choices and decide on product that fits your skillset. It’s never a really good idea to spend excessively on a gun you don’t really know about on the first go.

Go for a gun that’s upgradeable and comfortable for you in the long run. It’s important to remember that there are other people who are in the same position as you are, so never go out and purchase a gun just to impress other people.

Last Thoughts

Seeking for the best paintball gun in the market is never an easy task since there a plethora of models and brands you’ll end up confronting. However, if you focus on the essential factors and advice as mentioned, you’ll likely end up with a product as a result of a well-informed decision and careful physical study. At the end of the day, make your decision in a way that’s meticulous and only after you’ve done enough research regarding the gun choices you’ve made.

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