Best Paintball Vests: Ratings & Reviews

PaintballPaintball is becoming an great form of entertainment for both the young and old. Almost every child who played Indians and Cowboys, Astronauts and Aliens and other fighting games of children have dreamed of big gun fights such as the one at OK Coral. Even some adults are wishing the same thing as the kids. Well, if you want to find an active hobby that will take you back to your childhood, look no further. Paintball offers a good opportunity to be outdoors (though some games are played indoors) while feeling like a kid all over again regardless of how old you are – which is something that us older guys find priceless.

Giving paintball a try entails some basic equipment (for gameplay & safety) and I have never introduced a friend to the game and had them walk away not enjoying it. You’ll be posted behind structures, hiding behind your teammates, and gunning away at the opposing with markers while you desperately run and hide to avoid getting hit (or tagged). You’ll have a great time with your friends and be able to make fun of who marked whom using the latest paintball guns and other safety gear.

This is a sport that hooks you quickly, so watch out! The great part about it is that you can use indoor areas during bad weather to hone your paintball shooting skills (Or just play outside in the snow anyway). Referees are typically available at indoor venues to ensure the game runs smoothly without any problems.

The paint that you get hit with from the pellets will easily come out when you wash it with lukewarm water and some soap. Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants are ideal as well as closed toe footwear, as getting hit by a marker on bare skin hurts. To ensure you’re completely protected, you can buy a paintball vest and mask before playing. This will reduce the impact you’ll feel when you get shot at —- assuming the other team finds you and you get gunned down. The vests provides you the convenience you need such as zippered pockets and multiple carriers to hold things like additional markers, paintball grenades or something to sip on during downtime. A towel or two can be handy in case the shooting gets messier than usual.

Being able to succeed in the paintball game largely depends on your ability to develop a strategy with your team your current physical condition, and your ability to execute the strategy you came up with. The materials used in gameplay also play an important part in winning the game. Things like paintballs and paintball guns (or markers) are essential since without them you don’t have a game to begin with. Although not as critical as the equipment mentioned, paintball masks are practically essential as they protect your head and eyes from incoming markers.
A paintball vest feature pouches to place the things you require while you’re in the game. Reasons for having one not only ends there since it lets you gain easy entry for your hands to grab the things you need without wasting a lot of energy. This could be your drink or your pellets.

One of the best types of vests to purchase are the ones that lets you make customizations. You can set up the pouches in a strategic manner depending on your requirements so you can reach things easily while saving you a lot of time looking for them.

Aside from ensuring you have enough pockets, you should make sure your paintball vest is strong and long lasting, because it will take a beating during gameplay. The paintball game is physically demanding, in addition to the fact that you’re running through the woods (or somewhere else outside) and getting shot at! If you want to make sure your vest lasts a long time, it’s essential to purchase one that is high quality – like many things, you dont need to get the most expensive one on the market, but get the best one you can afford that suits your needs. Check the lining and the make of your vest. The fabric should let your skin breathe so you can feel snug the whole time you play and not get too sweaty during gameplay.

When you finally end up with a good vest, the next thing you’ll need to think about is the color. A black colored vest is the typical pick for a majority of paintball players since the black color easily blends in with the environment — making it hard for your opponents to spot you.

With tactical gear and play weapons surging in the market today, playing paintball has never been more fun. One of the most hyped paintball materials are paintball vests. With a plethora of options out there, you’ll need to settle for one that suits your needs.

Paintball Vests and Enhanced Gaming Performance

Paintball vestPaintball players know all too well that possessing the right equipment and clothing can be a difference maker during gameplay. Early on in the sport, they were considered as a device for protection, they now hold gear and other things, giving the player many options in gameplay. The more times a player utilizes a protective armor, the more shots it takes and each shot lowers the life span of the gear, so you want to pick something comfortable and durable. People who dont play frequently wont need a high quality piece of equipment to start, though I can say that I dont know many people who started playing and didn’t continue.

The overall construction and fit determines the quality of a paintball vest. Quality vests should be resistant to rips and water. The fit should be made comfortable while allowing you to move freely with the inclusion of a breathable make for air to make its way to the body. The game has evolved into a huge business that some firms utilized the real-life design of today’s tactical vest used in modern military combat.

A simplistic military design has been tweaked and upgraded for the sole purpose of playing paintball. A multi-faceted vest lets different regions of the armor to be detached for your gaming comfort. Some of vests are equipped with a MOLLE (Module Lightweight Load-Bearing Equipment) webbed structure, and some are not. The MOLLE system lets you move pouches and pockets in any part of the vest – and it is the same stuff that both the United States and British Armies use for their gear. You can evenly spread your weight around with the vest, knowing that because of the design you wont feel lopsided when playing.

There are areas on the sides, front, and rear part of the vest to attach pouches of varying sizes that will hold various gear. A lot of vest models to day use hooks and loop closure, multiple hooks or a snapping method to place pouches in different areas of your vest. Module elements removes the approach of holding an equipment around your waist – something that I could never quite get comfortable with. It felt like I was always walking with a tire around my hips. Pockets and pouches have enough space to store grenades, wallets, smartphones, walkie-talkies, additional guns, additional air, and ammunition – all something that cant be close enough when I’m in the heat of battle.

You can get any pattern you want on your gear, which can help you out if you tend to play in certain environments more so than others. There are vests with desert, woodland, black, or all terrain camouflage and help you blend in a bit and look good while playing. Most of the tactical vests made today are created to fit regardless of body shape or size, and you can tighten or loosen them with adjustable straps.

Things to Consider When Getting a Paintball Vest

When shopping for the right vest, you should keep in mind these three things: fit, construction and durability. When choosing a one to buy, make sure it meets the requirements mentioned so you can get the range of motion you need (it’s a lot, as I’m sure you know), length of use and other things needed out of your gear. The best option for anyone will always leave you feeling like you got everything you need, some of what you want and didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Fitting. The vest should be made to fit snuggly around your chest and upper body — not limit your movement (which is absolutely crucial). It should fit and feel great when worn, with or without the rest of your gear. A majority of vests in the market are sizeable, some a little bit more so compared to others. Excellent paintball vest are entirely sizeable and will assimilate to your upper body without restricting any limb.

Construction. Besides being durable, it has be breathable. The material used should allow a bit of air to pass through. If it doesn’t, go for a design that brings in cool air so you don’t overheat and lose focus during a game. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ll have plenty of pockets for the things you want to bring. Make sure you know how many markers you’ll need, and how much of everything else you’ll need and where it can fit on your clothes.

Durability. It does not matter if you plan on playing once a month or every now and then, no one likes feeling like the thing they just bought is falling apart. You’ll need to make sure that you get something durable enough to withstand the beating But if you’re a regular paintball gamer and hit up scenarios like nobody’s business, then going for a highly durable vest is essential. A durable paintball vest should be crafted from quality components that is tear and water resistant.

Finding the right equipment with the right features helps, and that’s what we are here for. We want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting, and you get exactly what you need at a price that’s reasonable. We want to help you find the best equipment and help you become the best player you can be.

The Best Known Paintball Vests Around
Finding the exact size to fit you may not be an issue since most paintball vests come with straps made for adjusting. The material needs to be light yet strong and requires sufficient carrying capability, good colored pattern, and a fitting built.

Here are the top 5 paintball vests that fit the requirements:

The UTG Army DigitalTactical Vest

UTG Army DigitalTactical Vest
UTG Army DigitalTactical Vest

If you seek a paintball vest that can be completely adjusted to your girth and still be durable enough to provide you extra protection, then this may be the cream of the crop this year. The UTG Army vest feature 4 rifle pockets situated outside including a pair of oversized pouches from within. The mag pockets can be adjusted while the internal pockets consists of quality zippers. The rear loop structure is highly durable and can function as a carrier for additional gear and components. The UTG Army Vest has an engineered rescue-pulling, mesh system that lets moisture and heat leak — so you don’t feel sticky and hot while playing.
Basic features of the vest:

  • 4x easy adjusting rifle mag pouches
  • 2x large sized inside zipper pouches for document/map storage
  • Durable back loop system for holding extra tools and gears
  • Conforms to any body size and length
  • Reliable rescue-pulling mesh system for heat and moisture release
  • Quality zippers

The BT Paintball Black Tactical Battle Vest

Paintball Tactical Battle Vest
Paintball Tactical Battle Vest

The BT Paintball vest consists of a rough frontal zipper. It features 4 pairs of properly placed pod carriers to hold your extra ammunition or bottles. You can stash your radio or mobile device within the storage pocket. There’s a pre-installed hydration pouch and an extra one for storing your air tank. What makes the BT Paintball vest noticeable is that it’s very strong and is made from breathable mesh components. The structure of the vest makes it ideal for you to feel dry and cool under the scorching heat of the sun while playing.

Basic features of the vest:

  • Breathable mesh material make
  • 8x intelligent positioned pod holders (140 ct. capacity)
  • Durable frontal zipper
  • Pre-installed hydration and tank storage pouches
  • Radio/smartphone storage pouch

The GXG Paintball Airsoft Camo Tactical Vest

GXG Army Swat Paintball Airsoft Tactical Vest
GXG Army Swat Paintball Airsoft Tactical Vest

The GXG Paintball Airsoft vest boasts a number of features that make it one of the best vests this year. It consists of a slot where your water bottle goes into including a detaching radio pocket and adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are made to hold D-rings and nylon loops through which you can stick your gear to. A contoured foam can be disassembled or replaced based on your choosing. You can simply flip on an extra integrated panel from within the breast pocket to gain access to your cards or showcase your ID. Straps located on the side are offer extended length to hold players with a bigger girth. An attaching tank holder is spacious to hold big air tanks.

Basic features of the vest:

  • Adjustable straps for snug fit
  • Water bottle slot
  • 7-tube capable pods front and rear
  • Multiple pockets for gear and valuables storage
  • Card storage panel

The UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest

UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest
UTG Law Enforcement SWAT Vest

Purposely made for the law enforcement especially the Special Weapons and Tactics Division (SWAT), the UTG Law Enforcement vest made its way as one of the best paintball vests this year — thanks largely to its tactical characteristics. It has a rugged look that offers functional gear holding capability while you’re on the field. Internally, the vest has a cushioned quilting which feels comfortable upon wearing. The outer part is made from moisture resistant and waterproof nylon. There are multiple external pockets situated at the front and rear part of the vest where you can stash additional magazines and other paintball gear in an organized manner. There’s a radio pouch including extra elastic loops and gear pockets.

Basic features of the vest:

  • Rugged and durable body
  • Soft and comfortable cushion quilting
  • Adjustable 40 to 50-inch torso fitting
  • Multiple frontal pockets
  • 1x Thumb break holster

The GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vest

GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vests
GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vests

The GXG Deluxe vest has plenty of pockets to begin with. You won’t have to worry about leaving your valuables someplace else since the vest itself has a plethora of pockets for stashing them. The vest can easily be adjusted to any body size. You can place air tank tanks and pods at the rear pouches without problems. The good thing about the vest is that doesn’t choke you on the neck as you play. It’s conveniently made to fit snugly due to its easy adjusting straps. The straps will not come out loose even when you’re actively playing in the field. A padding offers cushion from shots at the and front and back of the vest.

Basic features of the vest:

  • Removable and machine wash friendly
  • Contoured foam body
  • Multiple pockets for storage
  • Moveable vertical harness and radio pouch
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable fit

Final Thoughts

Paintball is one of the many fun ways to stay in shape, interact with people, and simulate combat moves safely. Paintball is now a worldwide sensation, with paintball societies and groups available in communities.

It’s essential to gain entry to a paintball match completely equipped with a dependable gun and a complete set of safety equipment. All regular paintball players utilize air-filled guns facilitated by compressed carbon dioxide. The gas is stashed in canisters that can be modified during gameplay. Guns with carbon dioxide can effectively fire paintballs at bursting speeds and rates, and at greater distances than pump guns.

Paintballs can burst when it hits a target. They are shot in extremely high speeds which can injure different parts of your face. It’s essential to have important protective gear such as a pair of goggles and a face mask. Having a paintball vest is essential. An excellent paintball vest will not only give you protection from welts and bruises, but it conveniently houses multiple pouches and pockets. They should effectively hold on to multiple carbon dioxide canisters and paintball tubes.

Being armed with the right knowledge, equipment and weapon will ensure paintballing to be a fun way to connect with other people. Getting the right paintball vest is not only known for the protection it offers but for the functionality it brings while you’re in the field.

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